Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Challenge of Articulating Criteria: Part One - People

We’ve been working at articulating the criteria we will use to evaluate whether or not a household, a project or a savings club should appear on the GAD website.  On the one hand, I thought it would be quite easy, but in reality it is very tough to nail it down in a way that makes sense to someone who hasn’t been involved in the conversation.  Honestly, we are not there yet.  We are not satisfied that we have it articulated the best way.  However, one of the values of GAD is to be transparent about what we do, how it is done, and the challenges we are facing.

Determining appropriate criteria is a challenge.  Full stop.

It is a challenge partly because the criteria needs to be linked to our values.  At Give Aid Direct, we place a high value on choice as we believe that there is an inherent link between choice and dignity.  

At its heart, GAD was developed with the dream of bringing together advances in technology to create a platform enabling donors to give directly to people affected by humanitarian disasters.  But then in a criteria discussion, questions arise like which type of disasters and what does “affected” mean, etc.  Good questions, but sometimes hard to articulate as we want to balance the need for clarity and focus, but also the desire to be agile to needs as they arise.  Frankly, we are still wrestling with this one – both with the criteria to use and how to pilot and test this out.  We are keeping it broad at the moment – people affected by the disaster means people living in a community which has been impacted by the drought, earthquake, landslide, cyclone, conflict, etc.  For the moment, we are wanting to do a blanket distribution in the community to help ensure the cash transfers do not cause conflict, however this will be done in coordination with the community leaders and if they would prefer to target only the vulnerable (as defined by the community) households, we would go along with that.  

At the moment, we are continually on the look out for situations, projects or savings clubs, so drop us a line here if want us to consider something you are aware of.  

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