Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Two big steps forward

Last week, I was going to write a blog entry that essentially echoed what Amos had said a month before. Opening our bank account ran into trouble, our IT platform seemed as far in the distance as ever and I had learned (again) that well-meaning people (including me) who offer to help, in all sincerity, just don't have sufficient time to turn all of their good intentions into action. We are trying to get to a pilot started with zero funding and, last week, it was starting to feel hard. For the first time since we started, the spring had left my step. I even had a title for the blog post: 'Persistence is the mother of innovation'. It was a message to myself as much as anyone who might stumble across this blog.

But today, I am positively bouncing around. There are two reasons. First, we have our third trustee. We need at least three trustees to register with the Charity Commission and Hasha has agreed to join me and Amos, to make three. The three of us met together for the first time last Friday. We met in a free public space, on the fifth floor of the Royal Festival Hall. Amos brought a bottle of red wine, some plastic cups and a ton of nuts and raisins. It was great to meet Hasha and her enthusiasm, curiosity and challenging of assumptions gave me a big injection of energy. The three of us sat plotting to change the world....which we will.

The second reason I am bouncing around today is that Tom, our IT guru, gave our nascent web/phone/tablet platform a makeover. Now I need to say that ever since I met Tom, he has been protesting that front end stuff wasn't his m├ętier and that we needed to find a 'designer'. Well, I can scribble a bit of HTML and said I would have a go. I knew I could do something adequate for the pilot. Luckily, I was not called into action.

Tom did the makeover and I am absolutely knocked out. We are going to have one of the coolest most modern web/phone/tablet sites you are ever likely to see. I can describe it in three words: FAB-U-LOUS! There is still work to do but I now feel that the end is in sight and the final product is one that we will all be proud of, not just something that does the job adequately.

So thank you to Hasha and Tom - launch now feels within our grasp. We just need to negotiate our way through the Charity Commission and charm our way past those pesky bureaucrats at the bank.