Friday, 15 November 2013

Moving Forward...

It's been quite a week for me - I spent a huge amount of time working on information management for the Philippines Typhoon (you can read about those exploits here) and was struck at how amazing it would have been to have Give Aid Direct at a scale that we could have been more involved.  I've heard a lot of stories of devastation, but also great stories of hope, which I would love to get behind more.

In addition to shifting through thousands of tweets and datapoints, we've been able to secure a few new projects that are now on the website and some more to come, which is fabulous.  I pitched the idea of Give Aid Direct to the Impact Den - you can read about that here and here.  I've also submitted a proposal to the new WFP innovation fund which would allow us to scale up our concept significantly. Oh and I also submitted an application to be part of Filanthrophy Star.

Next week more projects and applications to Bulldog Trust among others...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Impact Den Results are in...

Last night, I pitched the Give Aid Direct idea to the Impact Den at HUB Westminster and came 2nd in audience voting.  Not a bad showing as it was the first time I pitched in such a manner - 3 minute pitch followed by questions from "dragons" and the audience.  It's a shame I didn't win as the winner received significant marketing help, which is what we need at the moment.

A huge thanks to those of you who came out to cheer me on - Hannah, Tennille, Wayne, Indira, Alesh - it was hugely appreciated.

The plan is to keep pitching, keep applying for grants, and keep moving the idea forward.  Please tell 5 of your friends about Give Aid Direct so that we can spread the word.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Pitching to the Impact Den

On Wednesday (13 Nov), I will be in the Impact Den pitching the idea of Give Aid Direct!  I will have 5 minutes to pitch what we are doing to a panel of experts, then 10 minutes of grilling by the experts. The panel will hear 3 other pitches and then decide on a winner.

The panel includes:
We think this is a great opportunity to share our story and to increase awareness of what we are doing. Winning would significantly help us with scaling up and improving our marketing.

It would be great to see some of you in the crowd cheering Give Aid Direct on - please click here for more information regarding tickets and directions.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Invitation to Submit Full Proposal

This week we received some great news - we have been invited to submit a full proposal to the Large Grant facility of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund!  It is not a guarantee of funding, but it is an acceptance of our Expression of Interest and means that we have passed their first test and they are interested to hear more about what we are doing.

We need to submit the proposal by 13 December 2013 after which it will be rigorously analysis and we will hear if we are successful in February 2014.  So we will be working hard at developing the full proposal and keep you up to date on our progress.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Latest

It's been almost 2 months now since we have publicly launched Give Aid Direct.  While the launch day was a very nervous day for me, it went well and within minutes of launching, we had our first donations come through.  Here are a few highlights and some of the challenges we have faced in our first couple months of operations:

  • We have reached the target amount on one project and one person on the site
  • We have received nearly £2,000 of donations from over 20 people in 3 different countries
  • As mentioned in a previous post, we have been granted charitable registration in the UK
  • We've had numerous people contact us either suggesting projects or people to be on the site
  • We've had a number of unsolicited requests from organisations wanting to be a part of what we are doing
  • We have applied for a grant from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund and the Awesome Foundation
  • We have also applied to be in the Impact Den and Filanthrophy Star


  • Getting Paypal to acknowledge that we are a registered charity and thereby reduce their processing charges from 3.8% to 1.8% so that more money can get to the recipients
  • Increasing the traffic to our website so that we increase the awareness of people about what we are doing and more people donate to recipients

We are continuing to apply for grants from other sources and seek to spread our message in many different ways.  Any ideas you have or help you can give - please be in contact.