Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year, New Opportunities

We have many exciting things coming in 2014 and we thank all of those who supported us last year. Maria Sanchez has just joined our team part time, she's worked with different NGO's and UN agencies and brings lots of enthusiasm . Here are a few words she wanted to share :

"I am a firm believer that giving people a choice is a great gift. Those of us who have them (choosing what you want to have for lunch, what university you want to go to, where you want to live, what you want to wear, when you want to shower, etc) are very fortunate. We take it for granted and sometimes I forget that most people don’t have those choices every day.
When I came across Give Aid Direct I was very excited of supporting the idea of giving people choice and dignity while working with new technologies that will enable cash transfers to be easier and reach those in most need.

I’ve always been interested in cash transfers and have seen the positive effects they’ve had rebuilding markets after a disaster or in conflict situations. There is now substantial evidence and research supporting cash transfers as a positive intervention in development and humanitarian settings. However this also raises many questions in terms of transparency and how people will actually spend the money. This is one of the challenges I want to understand and communicate to GAD supporters.
GAD gives the donor a choice among different individuals and projects and at the same time the recipient has a choice too. Being able to be part of a project in its early stages especially when it has so many possibilities of where it can go is very exciting.  I look forward to this great opportunity."