Monday, 14 April 2014

A Project Visit

Last month, my family and I were in Tanzania and had a chance to visit with Margaret and the Step by Step Learning Centre, which has been supported by some of you through Give Aid Direct.  The school itself is a rather nondescript building off the beaten track in Arusha (see the photo below) with a small garden and workshop, however there are little miracles happening there regularly.  Some of the children who are there or have graduated, came unable to speak and function, however with some initial love, care, and nutritious meals, they came alive.
Photo of Step by Step learning school in Arusha

Together we were able to provide tuition, meals, and transportation for Goddie, which struggles with autism and possible emotional and psychological trauma, however in many ways Goddie is lucky as he has an amazing younger brother.  While we visited, Goddie was still adjusting to coming to the Step by Step Learning centre, which takes a while, but improvements brought about nutritious meals were already visible.  Margaret, who runs the school, was very optimistic about the future for Goddie because of his supportive brother who is receiving support from the Foundation for Tomorrow as the family home situation is quite difficult.  Below is a video made by the school to show a bit more of what happens there.

We were excited and impressed by what we saw at the school and hope to continue to support them in various ways.  We hope you'll join us - click here to see the current opportunity to support the school on Give Aid Direct.

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