Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Give Aid Direct hits the pause button

Dear Friends

After a lot of soul searching, we have decided to hit the pause button on Give Aid Direct, for the time being.

Since our launch in September 2013, we have relied on the help of volunteers to run and grow Give Aid Direct.  We always knew, however, that in order to have the sort of impact we were seeking, would need to employ people to run the operation, generate publicity and work and with recipients.

We had two ways to get the money to do this:

  • secure a significant grant
  • self-fund from the 15% slice of donations, we targeted for that purpose

Alas we have, so far, achieved neither. We applied for a lot of grants and came close but never close enough. And we never achieved the breakout level of donations that would have allowed us to be self-sustaining.

So rather that keep bumping along the bottom, as we have done for the last few months, we are closing shop, for the time being.

We always said that he didn't want create another small charity, no matter how worthy, operating at the margins. The goal of Give Aid Direct was to have a fundamental impact on giving.  And so far we haven't been able to do that.

So now we feel that it's time to pause and reflect. Our experience so far has been tremendously valuable and has given us a much better handle on what it will take to succeed.  In truth, we may open our doors again but we may not.

So, a big thank you to all of you who believe in the idea and have supported us so far. We'll update you when we decide what to do next.