About us

All of us want to choose what food we eat, how to spend our time, where our children go to school, how to spend the money we have.

Give Aid Direct helps people in some of the world’s poorest communities to have choices and some control over their lives. We give the donor the ability to provide funds directly to a recipient. Our vision is to make this a reality for 40,000 families over the next four years. We do this by using existing mobile technologies to transfer money directly to people who don't currently have those choices, but deserve to be able to make them.

Give Aid Direct works with a number of trusted people to ensure your donation, however big or small, has an impact. For example, if you donate £5 to Grace, and others like her in a remote village in Tanzania, who is struggling to send her daughter to school because her crops failed in last year's drought and the cost of school books became too much, your £5 goes to Grace to help send her daughter to school. It’s that simple, and that straightforward.

We are a small team of professionals with decades of experience in aid, international development and humanitarian work. We set up Give Aid Direct as an alternative to the bigger systems, to help people (like us) who have choices to connect directly with those who don't. We are passionate about finding innovative ways to help people.

Give Aid Direct was created after years of humanitarian work in some of the world’s worst disasters and out of the desire to give the recipients of aid more choice in how to rebuild their lives. The desire of Give Aid Direct is to continually innovate and discover new ways to assist people living on a dollar or two a day. Our promise to all those we work with is that we will continue to seek new and better ways of doing this.

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  1. Congratulations on taking the time to think creatively about charities rather than following the mould of the rest of us who simply give when asked to assuage our consciences. I like to give direct and that is why I sponsor children via World Vision. I like your idea but would be interested to:
    - See opportunities to give not only when there is a disaster
    - Be able to get feedback from the individual who has received the money. If they get a TXT they can send one to a mailbox?
    But I do worry about:
    - The usual cycnical one about whether the right people are getting the money and
    - Whether people in Kenya with mobile phones are the most needy in that society?
    All best wishes and keep me informed.

  2. Hi, I agree with Rory: it would be nice to find out (in a blog or email) whether the projects funded went ahead and what their outcome was 6 months or a year later. Do you keep in touch with the groups funded?
    Cheers, H

    1. We are working on providing feedback effectively but that also is low-cost as we want to keep as much money as possible going to the recipients.